Kongo Baseball 

2019-2020 Baseball Registrations

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9U-17U Month Payment Plan

9U-17U Pay in Full


Currently Kongo Baseball has 9 baseball teams. They range from 7u to 14u in age. Here at Kongo Baseball Club we focus on the fundamentals and techniques needed to succeed at the next level. We strive to teach the fundamentals needed to progress in the world of baseball. We use the best pitching, hitting, and fielding coaches to accomplish this goal. Our program is set up with 1 day of indoor hitting training, 1 outdoor practice, and our athletic training to get the most out of the kids. Our facility currently houses 2 60 foot cages and a lane to pitch. Each and every player needs to be dealt with and taught differently, We understand this at Kongo Baseball Club and use this to progress each and every player.


Allan Kawaguchi, Co-Director of Baseball Operations

Allan has been coaching for 30 plus years at various levels of baseball and softball. Most of his tenure has been at the high school level. Coaching baseball for 2 years at Clearfield High School and 20 Years at Northridge High School. He has coached teams at the comp level in both softball and baseball.

Additionally he is a current baseball scout with the Twins organization. Allan also scouted for the Yankees, Mets, Mariners, and the Pirates. He has sent 8 softball players and 120 baseball players to college on scholarship. He has also sent over 10 players to the major leagues. 

Allan is married and currently lives in Clearfield. 

Jared Manning, Co-Director of Baseball Operations



Coach: Cole Thomas

  • Mason Wolk
  • Cole Shields
  • Morris Havea
  • Mason Kesler
  • Christian Taylor
  • Boston Weekes


Coach: Cody Argyle

  • Grayden Hawkes
  • Isaac Hogge
  • Ike Miller
  • Colton Mitchell
  • Dax Mitchell
  • Silas Peterson
  • Nathan Rawlin
  • Collin Ruess
  • Payton Wall


Coach: Kyle Kawaguchi

  • Gage Mitchell
  • Christian Taylor
  • Carter Barkdull
  • Charlie Blackwell
  • Drake Hancock
  • Lincoln Robbins
  • Hunter Smith
  • Boston Weekes
  • Garin Zieglowsky


Coach: Jared Manning and Brett Pattison

  • Bronx Manning

Coach: Cam Preston and Josh Webb


Coach: Dakota Sato

  • Jackson Archer
  • Jesse Feller
  • Mace Fourie
  • Beckham Henderson
  • Ledger Icard
  • Cullen Jeppson
  • Jacob Jones
  • Cash Stump
  • Bryton Wade


Coach: Tanner Thomas

  • David Anderson
  • Peyton Archer
  • Dylan Child
  • Jack Gunn
  • Grey Hansen
  • Ben Mcuen
  • Ethan Roane
  • Cooper Jeppsen
  • Christian