Kongo Soccer

Kongo Soccer is dedicated to the development of it players and teams. We use the latest in individual player development as well as team concepts. Focusing on the Technical, Tactical and Physical aspects of the game and teaching these athletes the skills they will need to develop and excel in this sport as well as in life. Creating great friendships along the way. It is the goal of Kongo to make them better players as well as share some of the life lessons this game has taught many players. Kongo Soccer is dedicated to creating teams that will compete in all levels of the state competition leagues as well as a recreational league where players will be taught in a fun and exciting environment. The Kongo Club is currently working on its own private facility that will boast a nearly 42,000 square foot turf area dedicated to team trainings. This facility will have its own speed and agility area and access to the Ogden Clinic within its walls. Outside the building Kongo Soccer will have private fields to be utilized for training as well as games. Come join Kongo soccer in the Summer of 2020 and experience this great club for yourself. 



Coaches & Staff

Faust Mejia, Head Coach 


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Youth Teams

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