Kongo Pickleball


Tiffany Manning Director of Pickleball Operations

Tiffany Manning was born and raised in Salt Lake City, where she attended and received a scholarship to play softball at Colorado Northwestern Community College. She later received a bachelors degree in psychology at the University of Utah. Aside from raising four children with her husband, Tiffany has found a passion for pickleball. The pickleball community is amazing to be apart of. Seeing the lack of youth programs in the sport, has pushed her and Katie into helping to create for the youth opportunities to grow, achieve, challenge and identify them as this sport has done for her.

Katie Brimhall, Director of Coaching 

To say Katie loves pickleball is an understatement. Katie can be found on the courts at all hours of the day. She loves the sport will all her soul! Katie has always had a special connection with youth especially when you mix youth with pickleball. She has a very competitive personality that pushes her to be the best. Katie loves teaching people to play pickleball and is a great teacher and coach. In her free time if she’s not playing pickleball she enjoys the outdoors, being in the sunshine, running and working out. Katie has ran dozens of marathons and half marathons. She loves to push herself to the limit. Katie is also a wife and a mother of three very active children. She loves supporting them in all their activities.


2nd Grade

3rd Grade